Texting and Driving AccidentsTexting & driving accidents is a scary thing to happen. Texting is dangerous to do while driving as it keeps your eyes off the road. A car accident is pretty easy to occur when one is texting. Each year more and more people are getting in collisions because of drivers who are texting.

The person who did the texting is legally liable for any damages that were caused in the car accident. Every state says that it is the legal duty of every driver to look out for the well being of others on the road and when a person who is distracted by texting that person then violates his responsibility to watch out for other drivers. The victim then is entitled to receive compensation for damages that were from the accident.

The damages that the victim can receive are property damage, medical bills, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering. For property damage the victim should receive money for engine work or any damage to the vehicle or money for the vehicles fair market value. For medical bills and out of pocket expenses the victim should receive compensation for doctor bills, chiropractic treatment, and other treatment from injuries sustained in the car accident. The person should also receive compensation for prescriptions, rental car costs, and nursing care. For pain and suffering compensation should be for emotional distress and other losses.

If you are wondering if you need an attorney, it depends on if you have any injuries. If you do have injuries and they are soft tissue you most likely can handle your own claim. If you have other injuries such as internal bleeding, broken bones, or injuries that require that you stay at a hospital, you will want to get an attorney.

You will also want to appoint an attorney to help you if the driver’s insurance company who was at fault won’t accept liability. An attorney can get documents from the other side, and will get recorded statements, from the police officers, witnesses, driver, nurses, and doctors who will have knowledge about the driver and accident.